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Serverless on AWS, Project 1: A serverless video converter

Serverless on AWS, Project 1: A serverless video converter

A year or so ago, with great enthusiasm, I ordered a copy of the second edition of Serverless Architectures on
18 min read
A photo of a pug dog wearing a denim jacket.

Using AWS CDK constructs with Pulumi

Kicking the tires on Pulumi's AWS CDK integration.
5 min read
A screenshot of the TypeScript code used to deploy this website with Pulumi

Standing up this website on DigitalOcean with Pulumi and Ghost

Friends, here's a truth I'm not thrilled to admit: It's now been almost three years since I began work on
12 min read
Downtown Seattle from Elliott Bay (May, 2019)

Sync a Folder to Any Cloud with Pulumi

Lately I've been hacking away on a handful of Pulumi templates to make it easier to deploy common cloud architectures
7 min read
A picture of some Pulumi code

Imperatively Declarative

In conversations about infrastructure as code, the debate over imperative versus declarative tools still comes up from time to time.
14 min read
A screenshot of the running photo map

Live Coding a photo map with Pulumi, Mapbox, and Leaflet

This past weekend, I did a Twitch session for Manning in which I built a little serverless app with Pulumi
1 min read