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Live Coding with Pulumi, Mapbox, and Leaflet

This past weekend, I did a Twitch session for Manning in which I built a little serverless app with Pulumi and Mapbox and deployed it on Amazon Web Services. It was the first time I'd ever done such a thing --- I've done many demos, but never a public live-coding session --- and surprisingly (to me, at least), I actually enjoyed it. In a little over an hour, I wrote an app with Pulumi and TypeScript that renders GPS-tagged photos on a map with AWS S3, Lambda, DynamoDB and API Gateway, and aside from a few little bumps, and my crazy-long COVID hair, everything worked out pretty well.

The hardest part was definitely setting up OBS Studio, but now that that's done, I plan to start doing more of these, as they're (a) fun and (b) probably the best way to demonstrate how Pulumi really works and what makes it so awesome.

You'll find the full recording here, and the annotated code of the finished product's up on GitHub. Enjoy!